President's Letter


January 2018



This letter is being written four hours before you celebrate the new year, that is if you live in California, PST. I celebrated the new year last night with about 100 people, mostly children, on a beach on the Central Coast of Australia. They were part a church that met on the beach for a time of fellowship.


Since Jane went to be with Jesus in March 2016, I have had an overwhelming desire to have more of the infilling of the Spirit of Jesus. His word tells us over and over that we are to be like God. 1 John 4:17b says that in this world we are like Jesus. I feel like I fall very short of that, but that's all I want, to be more conformed into his image. Jane told me so many times throughout our marriage of 42 years, that she never wanted to be tomorrow what she was today. Tomorrow she wanted to be more conformed into the image of Jesus. She made a great effort to do just that, by meditating on his word and applying it in her life the next day. So many people saw that in her life, and were drawn to her for that very reason.


As I sought the Lord for what I should do, or where I should go for somewhat of a spiritual revival in my life, God told me I was to come here to this Central Coast of Australia. He even showed me where I should go here on the coast.


For many months, I have been worshiping the Lord on my iPad with songs from Hillsong. I soon realized that all of their songs were focused on Jesus.


The leader of the Hillsong music was a lady named Darlene Zschech. For approximately 20 years, Darlene lead the worship of Hillsong. Seven years ago she  and her husband Mark have become pastors of three churches here on the Central Coast. God made it clear to me, that I was to come here for a spiritual retreat.


God has given me the gift of being able to stay with a retired pastor and his wife who have been a tremendous encouragement to me during this time. I want nothing more than to have more of Jesus in my life. All of our conversations are directed that way.


The service at church on Sunday was directed by Mark. He called for his staff to be anointed with oil for spiritual healing and refilling of the Holy Spirit. He then was anointed by John the pastor that I'm staying with. I have a bottle of oil in my pocket so I got involved with anointing Mark also.


My prayer is that not just for me to be filled with His, Spirit but that all of my friends will also be filled to overflowing each moment of our lives until we see Jesus face-to-face. Let's go hard after God . Love all of you much!!!!!


Your Brother in Jesus,